Beaners is a Canadian owned specialty hair salon for children, which opened its' doors in 1987, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It's a great place for children of all ages to get their hair cut...and have fun! It's a place where kids reign and parents enjoy the comfort of 'guilt-free' noise! Beaners is not your conventional hair salon. Kids get to sit on coin-operated rides: a hippo, horse, duck, dog, etc.., or they can choose a cool Barbie jeep or motorcycle. Beaners does have 'normal' salon chairs for adults, as well as older kids who want to play Sony Playstation while getting their hair cut. The 'adult' chairs are also great for the 'little' ones who want to sit on Mommy's knee while getting a trim. Each styling station has a TV playing one of the newest video releases. There's even a ballroom, which has always been a big hit with the kids!

Each stylist is specially trained to ensure quality haircuts and 100% customer satisfaction. Parents love the attention we give to detail and the way our staff interacts with their children. We love kids and it shows!

Our girls' 'packages' include: shampoo, cut, barbie curls, a bead braid, and sparkles. For the boys we offer colored 'spiker' gel. Beaners also does ear piercing, perms, hi-lites, and great birthday parties!

Retail walls are alive with colour!!! Kid's eyes dance around the store taking in sights and sounds. They glaze over as they look at wall of toys: cars, trucks, kites, dinos, police kits, painted rock set, paper doll books, hair wraps, thumb print animals, etc. Girls swarm to a wall full of unique and colorful hair accessories, nail polish, hair mascara, glitter spray...everything that a girl could want!!