Don't just take our word for it, here's what kids, teens and parents have to say...

  • We wish we could get our haircut every week! They always have our favorite movies to watch and sometimes mom lets us buy a new hair piece or toy when we are done. Paige likes to sit on the rides and Eden likes sitting in the regular chairs. (Beaners has something for everyone!)
 Eden Age 9 and  Paige Age 6
Calgary, Alberta

  • I enjoy getting all the fun things in my hair. Last time I got a bead braid and colored braid!!
Rebecca Age 7
Calgary, Alberta

  • I like that I can play video games while I get my hair cut.
James Age 5
Calgary, Alberta

  • I like playing in the balls and getting a sucker when I am done!
Lauren Age 4
Edmonton, Alberta

  • The Stylist are great with my kids and they always leave with a smile on their faces.
Tasha - Mother
Regina, Saskatchewan

  • I love that my kids can have fun and get their hair cleaned at the same time! It's a win for all of us.
Karen- Mother
Edmonton, Alberta