Here's what some of our franchisees are saying...

I started with Beaners in Oct/91 as a stylist, thinking I would give working with children a try. It is now 2004! I love working with kids, it is fun, challenging, and so much more. I still have an adult clientele so I am able to do colours, perms and trendy styles. I feel that I have the best of both worlds. In Dec/99 I bought the Bow Trail locations thinking if I love this so much why not invest in a store of my own. That was the best thing I could have ever done! I love being an owner even more....the staff, the environment and I can be my own boss. Debbie and Celeste are very good to work with. They are always there for me in any situation I have. Thanks to Debbie and Celeste for working very hard to maintain and build this company to the best of their ability.

Brenda Field
Franchisee - West Springs location, Calgary, AB

Debbie and Celeste offer two different backgrounds, personalities and skills sets. They were very helpful and supportive during the start up phases of our business. Celeste was a wonderful help and calming influence when she worked in the store with me the first two weeks. As with any business relationship, you have your ups and downs and effective, productive communication is always a goal to strive for. I do believe they want the best for all of the franchisees and they work very hard at all aspects of the business. Debbie and Celeste do a great job of negotiating reasonable prices and terms on a variety of products and services. The franchise is relatively small and young, so I think we all continue to learn as we go. I look forward to a challenging, rewarding and successful future with Beaners.

Rhonda Loro
Franchise- Northland location, Calgary, AB

Together, we had been looking for a business opportunity for a few years. After hearing about a friend's great experience with her daughter in a Calgary location, we thought that it would be a great business for Red Deer and the surrounding area. This was something, as moms, appealed to us and we identified the need for a fun-filled, guilt free environment for both parent and child alike. From the moment we inquired to the present day - Deb, Celeste and the Beaners Head Office team have provided support, guidance and encouragement. Being part of a franchise has helped guide us as well as provided us with many opportunities for networking amongst all franchisees. With others having embarked upon this journey before us we have had the advantage of learning through other franchisees what has worked, and perhaps more importantly what hasn’t. Neither of us ever had the experience of opening our own business, the guidance we were and continue to be provided with has proven invaluable! To date we attribute our success to guidance, support, hard work, a great team, excellent employees and our loyal customers. The first 2 years have been both challenging and rewarding from all aspects. We look forward to continuing to learn, grow, and succeed in the years to come.

Jamie and Marnie
Franchises- Red Deer, AB