Taming Those Tangles

Here are some tips on taming those nasty knots and tangles:


1.    1. Detangling Comb: use a good detangling comb with large to very wide teeth.


2.    Detangling Spray:  If tangles are very bad always use a good spray-on detangler like Beaners 2Knotty leave-in conditioner to protect the hair strands as you remove the knots.


3.    NEVER brush wet hair: It's better to leave wet hair alone until it is dry if you want to use a brush as brushing wet hair will break it causing more knots and tangles in the end. Always use a comb on wet hair. Combing should be done from the bottom up, starting at the end of the hair strands. Go through each section until all knots are combed out, and then start a few inches higher until whole head completed. If your child's hair is really messy today, separate it and comb each section on its own. After you detangle the hair by this method, you can use a brush to go through the whole length, top down. Brush softly! Often the end of a hair fiber is much brighter than the hair cuticle just one inch above. This indicates that the hair fiber was broken or stretched, which is the result of hard brushing or combing. To eliminate static you can spray water or detangler on the hair prior.


4.    Detangling Brushes: Use a good quality brush. Try to stay away from the less expensive hair tools. The problem is it may be too hard and break the hair, they can also cause electrostatic, which has an effect like glue - whatever you do with your comb, and it will only catch more static. This can cause more damage to the hair while you are combing or brushing it. There are several “detangling brushes” on the market like The Knot Genie (available at Beaners).


You can also use a wide cushion paddle brush with plastic ends to help     disperse the tension on the hair strands and in turn causing less breakage. Beaners carries a wide variety of safe and gentle hair brushes for kids and adults, stop by a store today to speak with a hair specialist about what’s best for your specific hair needs today!


5.    Air dry naturally: try to let your child's hair dry naturally as much as possible. Blow dryers and curling irons, used regularly, can cause damage to fine, delicate hair. Excessive heat on hair can cause it to be dry and brittle.

Less Tangles with Better Conditioning

For hair that has less tangles and more bounce and shine, try a weekly deep conditioning treatment like Beaners In 2 Deep or one of our other professional deep conditioning products from AG or Original Sprout. (Available at select locations)

It is a good idea to conditioner your child's hair with a professional hair care product designed for kids as it will not weigh down or dull the hair. Today's environment and water conditions not only damages adult hair it damages young hair too. Only shampoo and condition your hair every 3 - 4 days as your scalps natural oils are good for restoring the hairs natural properties and restoring its shine and vitality. This also goes for Children as over shampooing will dry out their scalp and hair.