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COVID-19 Updates

Dear customers, all Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids locations have been temporarily closed as we wait until it is safe to reopen.

Your family’s health and the health of our team is our top priority. Because of health concerns for our clients and staff, all locations have been voluntarily closed.

We will monitor the situation carefully and listen to local authorities for recommendations on when it will be considered safe to reopen.

To date, we have received no reports of COVID-19 infections that were linked to a Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids location.

Each location is independently owned and operated. If you would like to receive an email when your location reopens, please join our e-mail list. 

You can also follow us on social media for updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We will be posting updates and also sharing some craft and activity ideas to help keep the kids busy.

We look forward to seeing you again!

Be well,

The team at Beaners Fun Cuts For Kids

Committed to Your Health


Committed to Your Health: COVID-19 Precautions 
We take your health and safety very seriously. 
During this time of heightened concerns over the spread of the COVID-19, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the cleanest environment possible. 
Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids is following the recommendation of every public health agency: 
  • Staff are washing their hands using soap and water for 20 seconds after each appointment.
  • High touch surfaces such as kid rides and chairs are being sanitized regularly.
  • We will limit our physical contact with you and your child during the visit. Elbow bumps are always welcomed!
These actions may result in a slightly slower time to be seated or processed and we appreciate your patience with this.
What can you do to help us?
  • Use our soap and water or hand sanitizer before, after or before and after your visit.
  • Encourage your child to avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Reschedule your appointment if you or your child are not feeling well.
These actions may result in a slightly slower time to be seated or processed and we appreciate your patience with this.
Ball Pit & Play Area Temporarily Closed
Effective immediately, the ball pit/play area is closed until further notice.
We trust you understand this decision as we consider your family’s well-being.
What can you do to help us?
  • Use our soap and water or hand sanitizer before, after or before and after your visit.
  • Encourage your child to avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Reschedule your appointment if you or your child are not feeling well. 
  • Bring your own toys to help entertain your child while they wait for their appointment. 
The health and safety of our employees and customers is the most important thing.
One of our key focuses right now is ensuring that our sanitization procedures are as thorough as possible and that we are providing our employees and customers with best practices in hand washing and respiratory hygiene. 
Should new recommendations be shared by public health experts, we will re-evaluate and update our procedures where needed. 
If you have any questions, please send them to beanersfuncuts [at]
We hope this satisfies our commitment to your family’s well-being and our efforts to continue to serve you and your little ones. 
Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids

Introducing The Clipper Art Combo

Treat your little one to “the works” with the new Clipper Art Combo at Beaners Fun Cuts For Kids.

This 30-minute package provides extra pampering and will leave your child feeling calm, cool and collected.

The Clipper Art Combo experience includes:
  • Haircut of your choice
  • Clipper art (one side*)
  • Shampoo
  • In 2 Deep hot towel conditioning treatment
  • Scalp massage
  • Blow dry & styling
Even kids need to relax sometimes. They’ll enjoy the warmth of the towel treatment (it’s not too hot!) and the deep conditioning and scalp massage, which will improve your child’s scalp condition.

This package is suitable for children ages 4 and up and even Mom or Dad would enjoy it too!

Pricing varies by location and the age of child. To book this package and ensure adequate time is reserved, please call your Beaners Fun Cuts location (in lieu of booking online) to reserve your appointment.

Find a location near you.

*Additional personalized designs may be available at an extra charge. Ask your stylist for more details.

A Fresh Start: Parenting Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are often made to be broken, but when it comes to parenting, we can resolve to make a fresh start any day of the year. Thankfully, our children are with us day after day and we have lots of opportunity to move forward in a positive manner by the time they leave home…if they leave home. Parenting Power suggests the following as skills to be honed each day.

  1. Value Yourself. We want our children to be proud of themselves and where do they learn their positive or negative self-talk? From us of course. Respect what you do well and go easy on yourself when things don’t go as planned. Perfectionism is contagious. Value Yourself.
  2. Know the Values You Want to Teach. Take some time (between 3:00 and 5:00 am?) to think about and create a list of characteristics or values which are important to you and your family. Once you have determined these values, share them with your children in age-appropriate language. Values are not innate, but they will be learned. If we don’t teach our children values, who will? Get clear on your Values.
  3. Parents Unite. We are all busy, but we must make the time to check in with our spouse or co-caregiver. We need to know what behaviour is on the horizon and confirm how we will deal with upcoming situations. If we don’t our children will learn that no means yes or maybe depending on the parent. Parents Unite.
  4. Act don’t Yak (our daily mantra). What better way to show our children that we can be trusted – we mean what we say. So often when misbehaviour occurs, we are drawn into a lengthy interaction involving tears, screaming etc. that postpones the inevitable consequence. We can save ourselves a great deal of frustration (and our children a great deal of boredom) by moving directly to the consequence. Act don’t Yak!
  5. Watch Your Timing. When you are going to start a new routine or discipline strategy, set everyone up for success. Choose a time when things “normal”. Try to avoid times like Christmas, Spring Break, new school semester, your year-end, tax time or exam time.  
  6. Check the clock. Morning, late afternoon and evening may be the most stressful times of the day to change behaviors or discuss problems. Give everyone the best chance possible. Allow plenty of wake-up time in the morning, challenge low blood sugar with a snack mid-afternoon and keep bedtime peaceful and predictable.
  7. We’re all in this together. When you decide you need to change the way you are doing things, enlist your children to help you. They may have some great ideas and they will feel important to be asked. Problem-solving is a learned process so take the time to involve them whenever you can. They will start to see themselves as part of the solution and not only the problem. When we start putting ourselves and our children together as a team against the difficult situation, we stop putting ourselves against our children.
  8. Ask Questions. Instead of giving orders, “Get your coat! Grab your boots! Get in the van!”; ask questions, “What do you need to grab to stay warm? What do you need for your feet? Where do you need to be?” Giving orders invites rebellion; asking questions invites cooperation.
  9. Stick to it! Consistency helps your child to know what is expected. Do this for your children and yourself. Remember, your children are like little scientists. They are collecting data all the time. If you have picked up after them or said one thing and done another for 5 years running, they are going to need proof that you are making a change. Your children will compare your new behaviour to your old and test, test, test until there is more data supporting the new way. Things will get better!
  10. Give yourself a chance. We go to school to learn how to do just about everything in this world but somehow we try to parent our children by the seat of our pants. Sometimes the outcomes are fantastic but sometimes they look like we sat in something. If you have a question or need some new tools, take a class or get some coaching. At least ask a question and give yourself a chance.

From Julie Freedman Smith & Gail Bell, Parenting Power

Rebel Line

Rebel is an edgy new hair care to Beaners Fun Cuts geared to tween, teen and adults with thicker, course or curly hair.

Their range of foaming shampoos, conditioners, mousse, hair spray and serum are salon quality and free of VOCs, CFCs, parabens, sulphates and phlalates.

Beaners Fun Cuts is proud to carry the following Rebel products:

Insubordinate – Moisturizing Shampoo

Ideal for curls and chemically treated hair. Contains coconut derived surfactants which are colour safe and leave hair clean and free of build-up, without causing dryness.

Insubordinate – Moisturizing Conditioner

This high moisture level of this conditioner provides will shock you! Heavy moisturizers are ideal for curly or thick hair but leave hair feeling weightless.

Non-Conformist – Smoothing Shampoo

Takes away frizziness and adds shine. Contains silicones that provide slip and give the “squeaky clean” effect to strands.
Non-Conformist Conditioner
Smoothing conditioner to follow up after Smoothing shampoo. Contains silicones and Citric Acid to seal the cuticle and restore shine.

Non-Conformist Conditioner

Smoothing conditioner to follow up after Smoothing shampoo. Contains silicones and Citric Acid to seal the cuticle and restore shine.

Rise-Up – Volumizing Shampoo

Ideal for fine to normal hair and limp, lifeless locks. Creates noticeable movement and lift in just one use.

Rise-Up – Conditioner

Partner this conditioner with the Rise-Up Volumizing Shampoo. Added proteins and lightweight foam creating lift and movement in limp hair.

Oppose – Volume Mousse

A flexible volume mousse, great for layers/curls, and high lift.

Refuse – Styling Mousse

Mega hold mousse offers locked in styling. Great for curls, textured cuts – even styles!

Disobey – Styling Hair Spray

This working hair spray offers crunch-free, flexible hold that lasts all day.

Riot – Finishing Hair Spray

Firm hold finishing spray for . Creates hard hold, lift and volume for extreme styles.

Iconoclast – Hair Serum

For all hair types! Great shine serum spray that feels so soft in the strands.

Challenge – Firm Hair Gel

Hard hold gel for all day hold. Microfibers increase movement with memory like retention.

Hair Spray Paints:

Temporary spray in colours for fun styling. These colours show up best on lighter hair colours.  Available in pink, purple, mauve, blue and silver.

Ask your stylist which Rebel products are right for you!

Trending Styles

Our hairstylists see a lot of kids hairstyles. We’ve put together a list of the most requested hairstyles from 2019.

Baby Bob

This is a high angled bob. The crown lengths stop near the base of the skull in the back, and are short. This can be a sharper, defined shape, shaved underneath, or blended softly. The sides are typically chin length or shorter. 

This cut is a good option to keep hair tidy and off the face. All the texture in a baby bob allows it to style itself!  Can accommodate bangs or no bangs.


This is a cute, short style for girls that like little fuss or styling. Typically parted on the side and asymmetrical, it is ideal for off the face. It's typically short through the crown, sides and back, getting gradually longer towards the bangs.

It's blended and textured to keep it feminine. The hairline is trimmed but not squared nor sharp and often wisps are near the ear.  Easily styled with texture paste and cute clips or headbands.

Straight Bob

A classic bob with little, if any, layering.

Off the shoulders, the back is slightly shorter to prevent it looking saggy and is considered an one length cut. There's slight texturing around the bottom to help it tuck under and give a rounder shape.

Bobs can be requested with or without bangs.

Shoulder Length

A one length cut. It touches the shoulders and can usually be tied back in low ponies or half-up styles.

Perfect for creating a solid shape on fine or thin hair types, which helps the hair appear thicker.

Inverted Bob

An angled bob where the shortest length is below the hairline. Hair on the back of the head is shorter than sides. Side lengths are past the shoulders.

It is thinned and textured to tuck under. Shape has flexibility to be soft or dramatic.
Side bangs or no bangs compliment this cut.

Face Frame

A mostly one length cut with layering only near the face. This cut adds shape to an otherwise plain cut and does not require extra styling but still looks put together.

This cut works best on straighter hair that is already longer than shoulder length.  Beautiful on fine or thick hair. Can feature a center or side part.

Long And Rounded

This is a cool variation of a one length cut. Length can be anywhere below shoulders all the way down the back. See the soft round shape at the bottom, or some people request a sharper 'V'shape.

There's very little layering but this cut is textured at the ends to help maintain the shape and movement.

Long Layers

Best for girls that want to keep their length and ready for more shape than a one length cut. Requires stretched angles, point cutting, thinning and texture.

Great on thicker hair and also waves/loose curls. Straight or fine hair will often look thinner with layers like this. Can be easily tied back.


One of the most edgy girls styles currently trending.

The undercut section can be on the side or at the nape. This cut can sometimes be offered for those girls with very thick hair to help manage tangles, drying time etc.
The undercut sections can grow out fast. Ideal for a special event, add fun designs with Clipper Art!

Shaggy Boys

For boys with great texture! This is typically a layered style. Sides are kept long over the ears and not cut around the ear. 

Can accommodate bangs or no bangs. Style with texture paste, curl cream or wax as these products won't set and be crunchy.


The “Hipster” is our most popular boys cut right now.

The top is all one length from the crown to the bangs.  Sides are very short and not typically blended or tapered.

An asymmetric cut with a hard defined part cut in with trimmers. The other side may be blended or undercut as desired.  It is styled back and to one side with a clear wet gel.


A more difficult style to cut; cooperation from the child is essential.

The style is longer on top with the sides blended down to nearly no hairline. We do this by gradually getting shorter and shorter with a series of guards being used. Top is cut with scissors, sides with #3 near the top corners of the head, #2 midway down the sides and #1 closer to the bottom.
Bare clippers blend the hairline. There are no hard or straight lines in this cut.

Faux Hawk

A little punky and fun! This cut is spiked up on top and could also be cut to spike down the back of the head if desired. The top center section is the longest and the top is cut in an "A" shape to make styling easy. The sides are done with #3 or #2 and blended into the length at the top.

Clipper art is a fun addition to this cut!


This was our most common boys cut before the hipster.
The top is between finger length and 1.5 inches long (any longer and it gets difficult to blend down to the sides). Sides are done with clippers, usually #3 or #2 depending on thickness. The crown is blended in with back and sides.

Hairline is squared and tidy. Can be spiked up all over the top or just in front with a hard hold paste or gel. A spritz of color spray compliments this look!

Basic Boys

Also known as the classic taper cut.
This is mostly done with scissors. The top is longer and gradually gets closer to the head with blending down the sides and back. Hairline is cleaned up but not shaved. Crown and bangs are left longer but textured.


The “Wedge” is making a comeback!

Easy to grow into from most of the shorter cuts. The wedge has an unique "bowl" shape to it and gives volume to the sides.

Must be textured with thinners to keep it even at all angles when hair moves. The bottom half can be cut down with clippers #3 or with scissor over comb method.

The hairline at the back should be rounded parallel to the shape of the wedge line.

Clipper Art

Have a favorite sports team? Ask your stylist about a custom look with geometric designs.