about us

Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids
Specializing in kids haircuts and fun salon experiences.

Beaners is a fun, family-focused salon that makes it easy for everyone to get their haircut.

We understand kids can be wiggly or a little nervous. That's why are stylists are hired for both their styling skills and their special way with kids.

Beyond our stylists, we've designed each children's salon to entertain and delight. Beaners have ball pits, fun theme chairs, and screens to keep the little ones occupies and happy. Giggles and enthusiasm are encouraged.

We also offer teen and adult haircuts in regular sized chairs. As we are all young at heart, these big kids can play video games on the screens too.

Need shampoo, conditioner, detangler, hairbrush and other accessories? We've got you covered with Beaners' own private label of professional haircare specifically designed for children of all ages plus a variety of detangling brushes and hair accessories.

We do other things that delight kids, like lollipops, clipper art, sparkles, colour spray, or a braid for cool finishing touches.

Our most recent achievement is 2018 winner of the Parents Choice Award for Best Children's Hair Salon in Calgary for the 22nd year!



How did Beaners start?

Beaners was started by a mom after she took her two year-old daughter to an adult's salon for a haircut. The experience was unsuccessful and stressful, and they left in tears with the cut unfinished. The idea for Beaners was born when the mom realized there was a better way for kids to get their haircuts that made it easy for parents too.

Launched in Calgary in 1987, Beaners has grown into a successful Canadian owned and operated franchise with locally owned kids hair salons in Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park and Newmarket, Ontario.

Beaners Fun Cuts has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call, download our app or book an appointment online. We would love to see you soon!